Advertising with Insurance Asset Risk

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728 x 90 pixels

Mobile Leaderboard

320 x 50 pixels

Upper MPU

300 x 250 pixels

Lower MPU

300 x 250 pixels

  • Our preferred format is JPG, GIF, HTML5 or SWF (Google DoubleClick for Publishers compatible), though we can handle most image files.
  • Images may be animated - generally we prefer a continuous loop, as long as the maximum file size is adhered to.
  • Maximum file size: 40kB. If a larger file size is required, please contact Insurance Asset Risk.
  • Expandable ads: These can be used with a maximum size of 728x300 for the Leaderboard with a down expand direction. For the upper and lower MPU, the maximum expansion size is 500x300 with the expand direction to the left. The ads must close when the cursor is moved off the expanded area.
  • Sound needs to be activated with a second user click.
  • Copy date is three working days prior to the insertion date.

Please note: HTML5 banners are preferable to Flash.

HTML5 banners:

  • HTML5 banners should be Google DoubleClick compatible
  • Please submit HTML5 banners as either a 3rd party server tag or a self-contained code snippet
  • If your ad includes multiple “click zones”, please include a fall back URL for older browsers
  • Maximum file size: An initial load HTML5 banner should be no more than 150kB (desktop) or 40kB (mobile). A politely loaded HTML5 banner should be no more than 2MB (desktop) or 300kB (mobile)

Banners for email news alerts


Full banner

468 x 60 pixels

  • Our preferred format is JPG or GIF. Please do not provide Flash as this is rejected by many email clients and servers.
  • We recommend providing static images, as many email clients will disable animation. If you would like to submit an animated image, make sure the first frame contains the most vital information you wish to convey. You need to submit the creative as an animated gif, as we do not use Flash images.
  • Maximum file size: 40kB.
  • Copy date is three working days prior to the insertion date.

Advertising specs for the print edition of Insurance Asset Risk

  • The full page trim size is 210mm x 273mm, of which the type area is 180mm width x 243mm height. Please make sure all text information is kept within the type area.
  • The bleed page size is 216mm x 279mm.
  • For double page spreads, please provide 5mm on each page from the gutter.
  • Please submit material as Please submit material as a high-resolution print-ready pdf with bleed and crop marks.
  • Copy date is four working days prior to the press date.

For any advertising enquiries, please call Oli Henry on +44 (0) 20 3651 7208.

Advertising material should be sent to Oli Henry (

Content Marketing


Let us know who you want to meet and, with over a decade’s worth of contacts, we’ll bring them together and give you the opportunity to discuss the issues your clients are facing, network with the experts and confirm your status as a thought leader and knowledge provider.

Roundtables provide an unrivalled independent opportunity to meet with your target audience whilst promoting your key staff as experts in their field.

Whatever the format you have in mind, our editorial and marketing teams have organised successful roundtable discussions over breakfast and dinner in a variety of locations and formats.

We broadcast the findings of these roundtable discussions in a special report featured online and in the magazine.


Insurance Asset Risk produces a busy diary of webinars. Set the agenda as a sponsor and we will promote the webinar to our network, moderate the discussion and make certain that you are addressing the people you want; working with you to attract a wide or segmented customer base.

We have a wealth of experience in producing successful webinars with full audience participation including polling and Q&A. Webinars include an integrated marketing plan pre-event and sponsors will be provided with attendance data subject to the UK data protection act.

Webinars are an effective means of communicating ideas and insight and if some of your target audience are unable to participate on the day, we make sure that they have access to the recording after the event.

Please contact Oli Henry for further information and to find out about other forms of content marketing available through Insurance Asset Risk.

Market Insight

We can list reports, research and white papers for you on, enabling you to promote your findings to our audience. We will place your logo on our home page in a specially created Market Insight slot that ensures that your paper won’t be missed. This slot is rotational ensuring it attracts the user’s attention. We will run up to 4 items in this slot with your paper featuring for one month. And if you feature your research, it will be included in our weekly e-news alerts. Each listing links through through to a full description hosted on our site as well as a link to your own website.